Classic Carrara & Pisa Tour

Private Guided Tour for your Rome Temple Visit


Classic Carrara was especially created in connection with the opening of the Rome Temple to highlight the amazing art which will be visible in the Visitor Center.  Learn where the marble comes from, how the extract it and create the beautifyl designs.  It is a 10 hour day-trip departing from Florence or the Livorno & La Spezia Cruise terminals. The tour is conducted by a native English speaker and LDS Church member presently residing in Italy.

The itinerary includes a trip to the Carrara marble quarries where guests will visit an active quarry, participate in a hands-on experience practising carving stone, and a Carrara marble gift shop.


Classic Carrara includes an authentic Tuscan meal followed by an exclusive view of ongoing private commissions. The tour ends with a two hour stop in Pisa, allowing time to view the Leaning Tower of Pisa, purchase souvenirs and take photos.

Did you know?  The statues of the Christus and 12 apostles created by Bertel Thorvaldsen, of which the LDS church has adopted to use in many locations, originated right here in Carrara.   As part of the production of the Rome Temple, the church has commissioned a project to recreate the Christus (15 feet tall) and all 12 apostles (life size),  made with the most rare marble from Carrara for the Rome Temple Visitor Center.

Classic Carrara & Pisa Tour and your exclusive visit to a Carrara Quarry :: Europavita
Carrara Classic & Pisa Tour: the Carrara quarries :: Europavita

Long Description:


The first destination is reached with a four-wheel drive vehicles up to the top of the mountain for a Carrara marble quarries private guided tour. In this panoramic position you will enjoy a view of a working quarry and learn about the techniques that have been perfected over the centuries for cutting and moving the marble.


The next stop includes a visit to the workshops where modern technology smooths the marble and prepares the freshly cut stone for artists to work their magic. You will have exclusive viewings of works in progress, some of which will be shipped to temples, private collections and cultural destinations all over the world. There is a Carrara marble gift shop open to the guests.


You will be invited to join a fun “hands on” experience with the tools that crafted David (Florence) & La Pietà (Rome).  Test their skills: do you have the magic to make the figures “jump out” of the marble like Michelangelo?


An authentic Tuscan lunch awaits you in a carefully selected restaurant.  The pre-set menu features a “Tris of Pasta”, where the owner creates three different hand made Tuscan pastas and their classic sauces. No meal would be complete without a scrumptious Tuscan dessert! (Water and soda included)



"It was our best meal while in Italy!" - Gem Morris - South Jordan, UT, Guest from Carrara Classic Tour


After lunch, the tour stops at the Artist Studio where you can have a sneak peek of private commissions and watch as the artists apply the finishing touches to the various pieces of marble and art from the quarries.


Classic Carrara & Pisa Tour also includes a two hour visit at the “Piazza dei Miracoli” in Pisa, only 30 minutes away from the quarries.  This part of the tour is designed to allow free time so you can view not only the amazing Leaning Tower of Pisa, but also the Duomo (Pisa Cathedral), the Baptistery and the famous “Campo Santo”.  In addition, you will have ample time for souvenir shopping, a snack and lots of photos.


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