We are a U.S.-based limited liability company incorporated in 2013.

Our team specializes in custom tours & hospitality for visitors to Florence & Tuscany, Italy.


Our custom tours are designed in collaboration with several local partners - including art historians, professors, professional artists & licensed tour guides.


Adding the elements of 'faith' and a 'hands-on' experience are sure to provide you with experiences unlike any other tour in Italy.


We want to help you navigate this beautiful city and surrounding areas with ease and pleasure.


Give us a try. You'll be glad you did!



Wanting to expose her family to international culture, Heather and her husband moved their 6 children to Italy in 2009. While her husband worked in the Middle-East, Asia and North Africa, she was left with the tremendous task of raising a family in a foreign country while also exposing the children to as many opportunities as possible.


Living in Italy for 7 years has taught her to patient, persistent, creative and maintain a healthy sense of humor. The children have fully transitioned into the Italian culture - each of them speak fluent Italian, French and / or Spanish, play multiple musical instruments and compete in athletics. The youngest children know only Italy. The family has been embraced the locals and have embraced the Italian way of life.


Co-owner of an international consulting firm, Heather focuses her efforts these days on Europa Vita - and in helping travelers to avoid obstacles and to have an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Her current role as Vice President of the Florence International Women's Network allows her to network with professional women of Florence and gain access to the

many treasures and non-traditional places in and around Florence. She enjoys taking guests 'out to the locals', and off the beaten path - providing a glimpse into the rich experiences that are special to her and her family. "It's a joy to share Italy's magic with others."